Lady A Antiques Jewelry
We feature a wide variety of jewelry from 1870-1950. All pieces are described as accurately as possible in regards to size, age and condition. We know how hard it is to purchase jewelry without actually holding it in your hand, so we encourage everyone to ask as many questions as they can think of! We have a no questions asked return policy if any of our merchandise is "not talking to you!" after you receive it. Click on the categories below to view fun and collectible jewelry!
Victorian Jewelry Victorian jewelry dates from 1837-1901. Materials such as cut steel, jet, coral, gutta percha and human hair along with themes such as snakes, hands, buckles, flowers and birds were prevalent throughout this time period. Victorian jewely is found in gold, gold filled and silver.
Scottish and Agate Jewelry Scottish and agate jewelry was very popular from 1850-1900. Most of this type of jewelry was manufactured in England and Scotland. Buckles, heraldic crests, dirks, thistles, knives and swords were some of the more popular themes. Scottish and agate jewelry is becoming very collectible and is certainly wearable with today's fashions.
Art Nouveau Jewelry The art nouveau time period lasted approximately 20 years from 1890-1910 and beautiful ladies were one of the most popular motifs along with dragonflies, snakes, butterflies and mythical creatures. Art nouveau jewelry, made in silver or gold, is highly collectible today.
Plastic Jewelry Plastic jewelry, whether it is bakelite, celluloid or lucite is just plain fun!! Bakelite and celluloid jewelry was lightweight, colorful and relatively cheap during the 1920-1940's. Bakelite jewelry is one of the hottest collectibles around today!
Jewelry from 1920-1950 A wide variety of jewelry was made in a wide variety of styles during 1920-1950. Combinations of gemstones, glass, gold, gold-filled, sterling, marcasites, and many other substances were used to create some terrific pieces that can still be worn every day.
Costume Jewelry Costume jewelry was made from non precious materials and the diversity in costume jewelry is enormous. Many pieces were signed by the designer and are truly a piece of art. Costume jewelry collectors abound!

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